1. Ms.Bharti Malveeya – How Life Skill can be assessed in regular classes.

2. Ms.Priya Kapur – The training was very interactive

3. Ms.Priya Bhati - Fish bowl activity, practical based examples correlated with theory very well.

1. Ms.V.S.Shahanaz Begum – I liked the suggestions and clearance in clarifying the doubts.

2. Ms. Sarbari Panda – I liked the way the trainer Ms.Rama, interacted with us and presented things was very good.

3. Ms. M.Aparna – I liked the workshop sessions with example.

1. Mr.Randeepak Kaur – I came to know about the objectives to perform OTBA and PSA

2. Mr.Jatinder Singh - I liked the activities performed during the session and liked the individual attention paid by Mam.

3. Ms.Ankita Bedi - I have learnt very much with lots of fun and full of creativity.

1. R.B.Rao – I liked the Activity and Team Work

2. Sushmita Das – I liked the easiest way to develop a student’s future and motivate him to develop strong personality.

3. C.Sen Gupta – I learnt a lot about the modern ways of teaching which were taught here.

1. Ms.Mallika K. – Active participation of members, session was made interesting with the help of examples and activities.

2. Nitashree R.K. – What I liked about the session is that before beginning each session brainstorming was held which motivated enough to participate the long session.

3. Ms.Parimita – Clarity of the points discussed with complete involvement of the participants.

1. Abhilasha Sharma – It was good session for clearing the concept about the CCE and improve the teaching.

2. Laxmi K. - I liked most of the different techniques of teaching that guided us how to inspire and motivate the students.

3. Uma Kashyap – How to apply effectively on Activities & Lesson plan. To recognize Multiple Intelligence theories.

1. Divya – I like Group activities and examples given by her.

2. Mrs.Prathima – The activities for Formative Assessments. What kind of activities should be given for the student.

3. Mrs.Devaki – I liked the examples given by the trainer

1. Ms.R.Sharmila Banu – The session was Interactive and Creative to put ideas together in a new way to develop a new view.

2. Ms.Rabiyathul – It is very useful. We learnt the creativity Analyzing, understanding skill.

3. Ms.Shabeena Zahir – I liked the Team work and Clarity.

1. Ms.M.K.Soni – Lecturers of instructor which made me more informative and capable to do CCE work.

2. Ms.Nivedita Pattnaik – I like the Innovative and Practical ways of teaching involving various skills.

3. Ms.Sarita G. – The way of Presenting and by giving examples.



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