Principal Training Testimonials


Principal Training – (Hyderabad) Trainer Mr.Nirmal Parekh

Accreditations, Making Vision visible, Budgeting, Making the Curriculum

CCE is a wonderful change provided

We train our teachers and use it accordingly

Make Vision visible through activities in School

By meeting other Principals 60% problems were solved


I was carrying out the responsibilities and duties but never realized about my Vision and Mission. I realized that henceforth my Vision and Mission and all my School’s action should go hand in hand.

I am able to clearly identify my goals, my objectives are now clearly defined. It taught me the importance of adapting to different situations and people. I learnt the importance of team work. I’ve gathered here courage to face all the challenges, feeling so energetic.

Managing and handling parents a better insight obtained. The 1st change is important to reach the pinnacle. In the first session what I heard is don’t lose the teacher in you, which I need to look into.


The methods of Corporate management can be effectively incorporated into School Administration.

Project based learning, Conflict Management, Budgeting and Human Resource development are very insightful sessions


I can do myself, but now I feel team work can bring better result.

Leadership and Teamwork makes everything.

To be role model and good communicator.

I can do my duty as a principal of the school by recollecting the ideas and knowledge I gained from this workshop, I can manage my position and lead my staff and implement the new vision.


The leader has to be very effective in running an institution The Vision of the organization should reach to the last person of the organization as well as all stake holder.

How progressive schools run?

Every child is unique; let us treat every child special.

CBSE is so vast that I need to attend similar workshops at regular interval till I am proficient enough to apply in the class room effectively and completely.
Make sure my vision is well formulated
Aim high and try your best to reach it
Be a good leader keeping others in mind
I have got what I expected and much more


Principals should keep high Goals and we want to work for that Goal to achieve.
To be unique Principal and to make my School branded one. I need to make lot of changes
I should think differently
Should adopt good strategies
Learnt about the extent of co-ordination between Management and Principal.
Life Skills can be handled by Principals, each Stake holders should know the Vision and Mission.


To manage the conflicts, value based, impart better education for this century effectively as the principal of Vimal Jyothi.
Hands on knowledge about problem solving
Vision and Mission to be road mapped and implemented.
To improve my accepting skills
To become a good Visionary as well as good Missionary


I was very rigid in my opinion, but later on after this workshop, I realized that I have to be flexible and open in order to solve any kind of problem that comes my way.
How to help record of evidences of CCE
Principals really need this type of Session from time to time. They need to empower themselves and also empower the whole team with whom they work day in and day out.
How to build up team spirit to achieve the Vision.


I came to know about my strength and weaknesses on Conflict resolution and Leadership and Team building capacity and HR Management.
I need to introduce HR Management in my School
I have to implement co-scholastic activities very effectively in my school
Implementation of HR Management
Setting a Vision statement
Dealing with Life skill practices more rigorously



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